Amethyst Double Leather Iris Hip Belt



The Iris Style Leather Pocket Belt Double amethyst stone inlay in each pocket

Two symmetrical pockets with snap closure for easy access to essential items.

Back of belt features two stash pockets 6.8” I love to keep my money, keys, cards and most valuable items here.

Two symmetrical pockets
7.2” x 4”
One of these pockets is for your phone.

Brass Ring on back center of belt.
This is great for clipping keys or reusable water bottle.

There is no right way to wear a NE belt so I like to move the pockets around and where it all different ways, keeping ring on my hips at times.

Dark brown soft leather that will stretch and soften over time.

Sizes are based on lower hip measurements.
Size: 32-38 m


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